I’ve submitted my PhD thesis! Yay!


Officially, I started my PhD on the 12th March 2008, and submitted my thesis on the 22 July 2011. That period makes it approximately 3 years and 5 months of the PhD journey. Alhamdulillah, and thanks are due to a lot of important people that nurture my research experience and life in overall. Notable names include, Siti Nor Khadijah Addis (my wife), my parents (Mohamad Ayob & Asmah Harun), Dr Tapabrata Ray and Dr Warren Smith (both are my supervisors), friends in the office (Hemant, Amitay, Abhi, Amit, Asaf, Sharif, Liu Min, Khin, Khairul, Vishal), people in the research office (Danica, Vera and Dougas) and my extended circles of friends in UNSW@ADFA.   

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