12 tips pelbagai untuk penjimatan wang, kesihatan, pengendalian stress dan sebagainya

  1. Beli barang dapur di Mydin, Econsave, Tunas Manja atau emporium tempatan anda. Elakkan dari membeli di Giant. Anda akan jimat dua kali ganda.
  2. Beli rumah, elakkan dari menyewa.
  3. Kalau nak ke gym, pergilah berenang. Aktiviti berenang membakar lebih kalori daripada mengangkat besi berat.
  4. Beli solar panel. Anda boleh menjual tenaga elektrik lebihan rumah anda semula kepada Tenaga Nasional Berhad melalui skim FIT (Feed-in-Tariff).
  5. Beli voltage regulator dan UPS. TV flatscreen akan tahan lebih lama, jimat elektrik dan boleh mengelak daripada litar pintas akibat penggunaan elektrik berlebihan.
  6. Beli barang Panasonic sekiranya anda mahu air-cond dan mesin basuh yang jimat elektrik dan tahan lama. Jangan beli TV Panasonic dan Samsung. Untuk TV yang tahan lama, beli Toshiba.
  7. Tingkatkan pengambilan karbohidrat dan protein untuk pembentukan otot dan elak cepat lapar (cuba Shaklee ESP). elakkan daripada makanan segera (spt mee segera).
  8. Bersenam semasa di tempat kerja. Senaman mudah seperti push up, pull up dan regangan boleh menaikkan motivasi dan pick up anda.
  9. Jangan malu bertanya. Gunakan Google untuk bertanya, pasti jawapan anda sudah ada.
  10. Kalau urusan yang anda sedang siapkan nampak sangat kompleks prosedurnya, mesti ada cara yang lagi mudah.
  11. Bela kucing. Kucing boleh mengubati stress.
  12. Meletakkan kereta di tempat yang anda tak yakin keselamatannya untuk satu jangkamasa yang lama? Cabut bahagian penting, contohnya spark plug.

Hack your way to change iPhone 4s ringtones (tones)


Kudos goes to: NicholasCross via MacWorld

1. Launch iTunes 10

2. Find and select the song you want to make a ringtone out of in iTunes 10

3. Right-click on the song name and select ‘Get Info’, then click on the Options tab

4. Select the playback period of the song that you want to ringtone to be, make sure it’s 30 seconds

5. Now click “OK” and then right click on the song again, and select “Create AAC version” to create a new version of the song with the 30 second interval you specified

6. Locate this newly created 30 second clip in iTunes (at the top of the playlist if you search by ‘date added’ and right click on the file and then select “Show in Finder”

7. Now in the Finder (or Windows explorer, the process is the same for Windows iTunes 10), rename the file extension from .m4a to .m4r

8. Accept the file extension change to .m4r

9. Now back in iTunes remove the file from the playlist (do NOT move to Trash, select ‘keep file’) and then re-import the file into iTunes 10 by double clicking the .m4r file within the Finder or Windows

10. The file will now be added back into iTunes as a ringtone and you can do what you want with it

The best part about this is that you can do multiple sounds at once. Especially if you use Automator to rename the file extensions of the files in question. I tried this method and found it MUCH faster, and easier. No GarageBand required.

2011 Mystery Sketch Bong-Cheon-Dong Ghost (One of the scariest Korean webcomic I’ve ever encountered)



[1] Read the comic here -> http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=20&weekday=tue

[2] Read the translation below:

The story is based on true personal accounts.

It was probably around 11:20 at night. I was heading home after long, tiring night-study sessions. But I didn’t see anybody around that day, which was weird, since the apartment complex is pretty big and I usually see a lot of people even at night.

Anyways, I was a little scared so I was just walking while looking down on the ground,

when I saw a shadow stretching towards me. Even though there had been no one around just a moment ago.

When I looked up..

I saw a woman walking in front of me. But it just didn’t look right.

I could say she looked slightly indisposed.. She was limping pretty hard.

She was walking very slow, and I soon caught up with her. I was able to see her even better up close.

She was wearing dirty pink pajamas.. and it looked like every joint in her body was twisted. Her hair was a mess and sticking out in every direction.

It seemed really weird, so I stopped walking.

I felt like I shouldn’t get any closer to her, and I didn’t have the guts to pass by her.

[The ghost turns around.]

They say when you’re really surprised, you can’t even scream. I couldn’t move, and just froze there.

“Where’s my baby?”

Her question made my thoughts race..

I don’t even know why I did it then.. And it still scares me.

I pointed as far as I could and answered.. “O, over there.”

I just wanted her to get away from me.

She limped towards the direction I pointed to..

And I couldn’t see her anymore.

I didn’t want to risk running into her again, so I tried to turn around quickly and leave the apartment complex.

I couldn’t think of anything but to get to some place where there’d be people around.


“She is not there!” [The ghost runs towards you.]

I don’t remember anything afterwards. I heard that my neighbor found me passed out on the ground and took me home.

In 2007, at an apartment in Boncheon-Dong, Gwna-Ak-Gu, Seoul, a 33-year-old woman jumped off the apartment and died on the spot. Jo, who was divorced due to her affair, had lost the custody of her daughter and decided to kill herself.

She was seen walking around the apartment complex many times after her suicide. She was barefoot and wore the pajamas she was wearing when she died; every join in her body was twisted, and she was an awful sight.